[Delicious Seoul] A fine Sunday morning in Yeonnam-dong Brunch Restaurant
[Delicious Seoul] A fine Sunday morning in Yeonnam-dong Brunch Restaurant
  • Roh Pooleun
  • 2020.03.26 10:12
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Weekend attractions
Yogurt, granola, fruits, THANKS, OAT
hearty brunch, D April
Fresh and clean, Little Forest


Seoul, Mapo, Sung-mi-san-ro 23, 68 / every 11:00~21:00

This restaurant, located at the end of Yeonnam-dong, sells yogurt and granola. As soon as you enter the store, the fragrant smell and sweet music greets you. 

Every yogurt and granola from THANKS, OAT is made in the store every morning. Food additives such as preservatives and sugar are not contained at all. Granola is from Bob's Red Mill oat, grown in a traditional organic method without adding any pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.

As a yogurt specialty store, there are ten types of menus. Non-additive Greek yogurt and granola are included as standard, and you can order a selection of toppings such as fruits, nuts, and syrup to suit your taste. The fruits that come together change seasonally because they use seasonal fresh fruits. Yogurt and granola can be packaged or purchased online.

There is also menu for dogs.



Seoul, Mapo, Sung-mi-san-ro 29, 19
Mon-Thurs 11:00~20:00, Fri-Sun 10:30~20:00, break time 16:30~17:30

As a famous brunch cafe, as soon as you enter the store, the celebrities' signatures are all over the wall. Green plants are placed inside the store. In addition to indoor seating, there are also terrace seats.

There are menus such as omelette, pasta, salad, and french toast, and the most famous menu is the 'April Brunch'. The omelet comes out as the main, along with French fries, sausage, bacon and salad. You can choose from three types of omelette: mushroom mascarpone cheese, pepperoni ragu, and classic.



Seoul, Mapo, Sung-mi-san-ro 29, 30-3
Mon-Wed-Fri-Sat 11:00~20:00, Tue-Thurs 11:00~16:00

This place was inspired by the Japanese movie 'Little Forest'. It is located in a secluded residential area, slightly off the streets.

Every menu is cooked with seasonal, fresh ingredients. The best menu is Shrimp Avocado Open Sandwich. Other options include salad pasta, chakchouka, grilled chicken sandwiches, soup, homemade yogurt, and toast.

There are only 5 tables for 2 seats each.



[To go to Seoul] A fine Sunday morning in Yeonnam-dong Brunch Restaurant


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