[Delicious Seoul] Seongsu-dong restaurants and cafe
[Delicious Seoul] Seongsu-dong restaurants and cafe
  • Roh Pooleun
  • 2020.06.03 19:09
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[MHN Roh Pooleun] Marly's interior is designed like ceramic workshop. Wood door, neutral color interior,  objet furnitures harmonize to create the mood. Spacious interior enables visitors to spend comfortable time in.



Marly is a desert care famous for cake and scones. Best menu is 'strawberry crepe cake'.  White cream and strawberries tastes heavenly.



'Grape fruit tea cake' is recommended too. Cake making can be seen from outside through glass door. Hall sized cakes must be ordered at least a day before.



Grape fruit marmalade, lemon marmalade base beverages ingredients are matured in controlled storage under meticulous care. Coffees taste is gentle and light.





Orange exterior is eye-catching. It is also eye-catcing for long waiting line. Hoho restaurant is a famous restaurant near Seoul forest. The original restaurant is in Daehak-ro, and second and third branch are in Ikseon-dong and Seongsu-dong, respectively. Seongsu Hoho is the only Western-style house while the other two are Korean-style.



The reason why this place is hot is because of fresh Japanese family dishes visitors can taste here. Menus are pork curtlet, omelette, soused toe pasta, Sukiyaki, salmon rice and more. 18 dishes and 7 subdishes provide broad range of choices. 

Reservation is recommended because this place is so famous. Coffee, tea, and beverages can be ordered as well.





This place sells wider range of fruit marmalade ades from unripe green tangerine, lime, kiwi, citron,  to strawberry.  Ades are sugary, sweet, sparkling, and refreshing. Unripe green tangerine tea and apple tea is recommended for visitors who want less sugar.



Best desert menu is 'Lingo Doughnut'. White cream and apple is topped on doughnut. 

The grey-black-white interior is adequate for taking Instagram mood photos.



Scenery is actually a clothing showroom too. Doorless space inside is where they sell clothes and mirrors stand on walls. Menu board says : 'Lights in this store are costly, be cautious'. 




[Delicious Seoul] Seongsu-dong restaurants and cafe


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