[MHN PHOTO] Lee Byung Heon in 'Daejong Film Award'
[MHN PHOTO] Lee Byung Heon in 'Daejong Film Award'
  • Roh Pooleun
  • 2020.06.03 19:22
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[MHN Lee Jisuk / translated by Roh Pooleun] Actor Lee Byung Heon appeared in red carpet for 'Daejong Film Award(Grand Bell Award)'.

The 56th Daejong Film Award is held in Grand Walkerhill Hotel's theater hall today at 7 PM(KST). It was to take place in this year's February 25, but postponed due to Coronavirus pandemic. 

This is the first to be taken without audiences since the Award started in 1962. MCs are Lee Hwi Jae and Han Hye Jin.

Nominees for grand prize are 'Parasite', 'Extreme Job', 'House of Hummingbird', 'Innocent Witness', and 'Forbidden Dream'.

Male nominees for best actor award are Seol Kyung Koo, Song Kang Ho, Lee Byung Heon, Jeong Woo Sung, and Han Suk Kyu. Female nominees are Kim Hyang Ki, Kim Hee Ae, Jeon Do Yeon, Jung Yoo Mi, and Han Ji Min.




[MHN PHOTO] Lee Byung Heon in 'Daejong Film Award(Grand Bell Award)'


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