Suzy 'Beautiful and handsome, she does it all' (Pictoral)
Suzy 'Beautiful and handsome, she does it all' (Pictoral)
  • Halim Jung
  • 2020.06.15 18:19
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Suzy / Image provided by: Lancome
Suzy / Image provided by: Lancome

[MHN Lee Jisook reporter / translated by Jung Halim] Singer and actor Suzy appears in a promotional material showing off her unrivaled visuals.

Global cosmetic brand Lancome reveals two images from their collaboration with Suzy, 'OBSSSION WITH SUZY'. 

Suzy / Image provided by: Lancome

The first image shows her in a confident pose, consious of the camera, with her charismatic image captivating the eye. Her mannish attire and chic stare gave out a different attraction compared to her previous refreshing and girlish look. Her prominent face added to this handsome-pretty dynamic.

The second image shows her like a girl in a fairy tale, giving off an innocent look contrasting with the first image. Her dress combined with her dream-like state, and the heart shape drawn on her face added to this hazy feel the image had, something that only Suzy could've pulled off.

As a side note, Suzy will appear in the movie 'Wonderland'.

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