Oh My Girl collaborates with THE STAR in August issue
Oh My Girl collaborates with THE STAR in August issue
  • Roh Pooleun
  • 2020.07.29 17:45
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interview from Hyojeong, Mimi, Yooa, and Seunghee


[MHN Roh Pooleun] Oh My Girl's Hyojeong, Mimi, Yooa, and Seunghee's collab pictorial with fashion magazine THE STAR is unveiled.



During an interview, Hyojeong said "It's the first time to have a photoshoot with only four members" and Seunghee said "I liked the photoshoot because it was neither girlish nor angelic concept. I enjoyed because I could try poses I've never tried before".

About winning no.1 in various music shows and topping music charts with their song 'Nonstop', Seunghee said "I never knew it will win no.1. I thought our team should go through more changes in rankings to win no.1 and when we won no.1, it was like a huge leap rather than going up stairs".



Hyojeong said "I was surprised so much that so many people are giving us love and interest". 

About trying hip-hop or rap, Mimi said "I am not aggressive type of person so I am not kin to dissing somebody. And I don't have that great self-respect so I can't write 'flexy' lyrics. I just want to show my music".

About what inspires her to write, Yooa said "When I write my feelings, I think how the reader may think about it. I am imspired by those who don't scare to show themselves. There are restrictions in expressing oneself truly in entertainment industry, but I want to show many parts of me inside the boundary".



To a question about what the public may want from Oh My Girl, Yooa said "That may be consistency. People may want us to be firm as a team" and Hyojeong said "I think people like our energy and chemistry. I can promise that".

About what 'Oh My Girl' means to them, Seunghee said "Gang(Korean slang for being strong, proactive, and free). I gained gang while working as 'Oh My Girl'. I can do anything with members. You know, Oh My Girl is hot."

Yooa said "To me, Oh My Girl is 'now'. Just like future comes after present, I dream about the future of us with members".






Oh My Girl collaborates with THE STAR in August issue


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