Former AOA member Kwon Min-A opened about her recent hobbies from an interview with 'bnt'
Former AOA member Kwon Min-A opened about her recent hobbies from an interview with 'bnt'
  • Roh Pooleun
  • 2020.08.14 16:03
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[MHN Roh Pooleun] Former AOA member Kwon Min-A, who has moved from a singer to an actress, had a photo shoot with magazine bnt.

During an interview, Kwon said "I'm really happy. I'm taking a break these days and it was really good to have a photo shoot. I liked wearing a suit during the shoot because I like suits and the picture of me on a white dress came out well. I liked the hairdo and make-up I did in the pictorials. They are different from my usual self. I really had fun, thanks," expressing her joy.

When she was asked how she is doing these days, she said "I draw. read books, take pictures, and do many things. I get pimples easily when I use wrong cosmetics, so I thought I should make my own cosmetics myself. I'm making cream these days. My dream is to have my own cosmetic brand."



Kwon showed off her beauty with various facial expressions and gestures throughout the photo shoot. When she was praised for her beautiful face, she said "I like it when epople say that I am pretty. And now that I've turned to an actress, I want to hear that I am good at acting, rather than I am pretty. I also want to hear that I have my own style. I want to hear compliments about acting, more than how I look."

When she was asked about how she dreamed of becoming an idol, she said "I loved watching dramas and music shows since I was young. One day, I was really shocked when i saw actress Lee Jung Hyun on tv singing 'Wow'. It was so cool. I thought that I want to be a singer like her. From then on, I dreamed of becoming a celebrity. My role model is still Lee Jung Hyun. I recently watched her movie 'Peninsula' and she is the only one I see."



When she was asked what has changed during the nine years of her career, she said "Not much has changed. The only thing that's different is I have a job and that is to be an actress. I'm amazed when I see famous people. When people recognize me on the street, I'm so embarrassed and I can't even say hello to them right away. I'm sorry for that."

"The biggest slump I had was when I learned bass as a trainee. I started as a trainee because I liked singing, dancing and acting, and I didn't know I would play the bass. It was really hard and heavy because the instrument was bigger than my body. And I was embarrassed because I was not goot at learning and I felt like I was causing nuisance to others," she said.

About her recent book, 'The Star Doesn't Get lost Even at Night', Kwon said "I posted a lot of emotional phrases and calligraphy photos on my instagram. I'm really interested in writing and painting and I got an opportunity to publish a book after I was contacted by the posts I put on my instagram. I was filming MBC's 'Hospital Line' while I was preparing the book, and I was so busy. I feel I could have done better if I had more time."



Kwon opened about the most memorable drama that she starred in. "I like every drama I have done, and one that I feel affection the most is KBS 2TV's 'What a Good Day'. I had relatively more parts in that drama than other dramas I have done. The character I played was bright and sad one at the same time, so I thought I can do it well."

When she was asked if there is an actress/actor she wants to work with, she said "I can answer right away, it's Hwang Jung Min. I saw him in Blue Dragon Film Festival and he was so cool. I want to act with him someday. He has his own style, and that's cool."



Kwon said "I watch movies, draw pictures, write and drink sometimes. I like to chill with soju and beer with snacks and soda while watching movies. I love eating. When a food is in front of me, I never let go of chopsticks even when I'm full. Somebody has to come and clean it up so that I can stop eating. My favorite foods are raw beef, raw rish, and pasta."

About loving oneself, she said "I think it needs practice. I used to be a homebody so I didn't leave home and I did nothing at home. I just thought 'I want to draw', but that was it. When I actually started to do them, like drawing and making my own cosmetics, my life changed. I think you should do it instead of just thinking about it."



Kwon has recently received many messages of support and encouragement from fans. She said "I didn't know that so many fans would send me messages. I am grateful for those mssages because they helepd me keep my self-esteem. I'm from Gyeongsand Province(in South Korea), so I don't express myself well(people from different provinces usually have different dispositions). I feel so grateful to my fans and I want to talk with them."

She added "I appreciate compliments like 'She's okay~' or 'she's good at acting.' I will practice harder and become a better actress. I will do my best to show up in the media as much as possible, like commercial film, independent film, tv drama, or web drama."




Former AOA member Kwon Min-A talks about herself from an interview with 'bnt'


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