CNBLUE updated fans with new pictorials! Check out their album release date
CNBLUE updated fans with new pictorials! Check out their album release date
  • Roh Pooleun
  • 2020.11.07 16:02
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FNC Entertainment

[MHN Roh Pooleun] Boy band CNBLUE has come back!

The group updated fans with pictorials collaborated with fashion magazine 'THE STAR' in its November issue. The theme of the pictorials was 'POWER OF FOCUS' and through the pictorials, members have shown how professional singers with 11-year-career can be.

During an interview after shooting, they said "It has been long time to be together with members since we are doing our own jobs, but the shooting was so natural and comfortably finished. We are working on a new album so we are quite busy these days."

The new album will be a special event for fans since the previous album was three years and eight months ago. About the upcoming album, member Jung Yong Hwa said "We are more matured than before and our voice has matured too." Member Lee Jung Sin said "I have always thought more people would listen to our songs and it is getting bigger these days. It means that we are confident with our album."

Member Kang Min Hyuk is also working as an actor. When he was asked about working in two jobs:singer and actor, he said "When I do a concert, I can receive feedbacks during the concert, but acting doesn't give feedback to actors immediately. Feedbacks come after the drama is made and aired. I like the difference." Jung Yong Hwa-who is also working as an actor-said "It is like a firework. If a concert is a blazing fire, acting is the weak fire after."

CNBLUE is a unique group since they have colors of both idol group and rock band. When asked about what 'CNBLUE' is, member Lee Jung Sin said "Handsome guys band?" and Jung Yong Hwa answered to that : "I hated when people called us 'handsome band.' I wanted to be acknowledged as a musically talented singer. These days, I want it to be known as a global band."

The group has gained national attention and support from since their debut as their early song 'Loner' was a grand hit. When asked about pressure members may have felt due to obsessive interest they have received, Jung Yong Hwa said "I felt pressure a lot in the past but now I feel much more comfortable. I feel thankful that I can do works that I do now."

About the future of 'CNBLUE', member Kang Min Hyuk said "It excites me when i imagine what kind of music we will make ten years later. I hope our musics mature too." Lee Jung Sin said "I hope people still listen to our music ten years later. I hope people remember us when they reminisce to 2020 in the future, and we want to be friendly singers they can remember anytime."

The full line-up of CNBLUE's newest pictorials and interview can be seen from November issue of 'THE STAR' magazine. It can also be seen from the magazine's YouTube channel, NAVERTV, and official social media.




CNBLUE updated fans with new pictorials! Check out their album release date


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