NCT 'RESONANCE' M/V dropped! Watch M/V and album unboxing video here!
NCT 'RESONANCE' M/V dropped! Watch M/V and album unboxing video here!
  • Roh Pooleun
  • 2020.12.05 13:39
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[MHN Roh Pooleun] NCT's new single 'RESONANCE' is out!

NCT 2020 is a whole group of NCT 127, NCTDREAM, and WayV, 23 members altogether.  The M/V was uploaded to SMTOWN's official YouTube account yesterday(Dec 4 6PM KST) and has already reached 7 million views in 20 hours.

The song audio can be heard from links below:

멜론 ➫

플로어 ➫

지니 ➫

벌레 ➫

바이브 ➫

They dropped members' album unboxing video the same day, too. The video was uploaded to NCT's official YouTube account and was watched by more than half million fans.

Fans are especially excited that NCT cameback as whole group because it is the first time all 23 members gathered altogether and perform as one group. NCT has been divided into three groups: NCT 127, NCTDREAM, and WayV. NCT U is also NCT's subunit but whose members are unlimited; which means it changes in each song. In 2018, NCT had comeback as a whole goup with 18 members and 5 more members are added this time.

Their YouTube channel 'NCT DAILY' shares various videos of members' daily life, behind stage, and interview. 

Check out NCT U's latest song M/Vs below:



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