K-gaming company 'NCSOFT' made fan community platform 'UNIVERSE'
K-gaming company 'NCSOFT' made fan community platform 'UNIVERSE'
  • Roh Pooleun
  • 2020.12.07 17:33
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[MHN Roh Pooleun] South Korean video gaming company 'NCSOFT' will deliver entertainment content to K-pop fans in a new platform called 'UNIVERSE!'

It combined with state-of-the-art technologies, such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), and will be made available in 134 countries and three languages (Korean, English, Japanese).

'Universe' is expected to make its official global launch in early 2021. The similar kind of platform made by BIg Hit Entertainment was 'Weverse', a fan community platform where they upload vidoes and contents of BTS, GFRIEND, CL, and TXT.

ASTRO's content uploaded (English version)



The main contents going to be provided are 'Private Message & Call', where created AI voices of K-pop stars make phone call to users on booked time, 'Studio', where users can style personalized characters made by artists' motion capture and body scanning, 'Media', which posts origianl and exclusive contents such as M/V, pictorials, radio and TV shows, 'FNS (Fan Network Service), where fans and artists communicate freely, 'Content Creater' where users can post and share their fan arts and videos, and 'Collection', lastly, where they can be rewarded by participating in fandom activities.

The platform is adding artists to its list and artists confirmed to join as of press time are ATEEZ, Kang Daniel, (G)I-DLE, MONSTA X, IZ*ONE, THE BOYZ, ASTRO, AB6IX, CIX, Park Ji Hoon, and WJSN. More artists are going to be updated.




K-gaming company 'NCSOFT' made fan community platform 'UNIVERSE'




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