Paju City confirmed that Blackpink’s Jennie did not break any quarantine rules
Paju City confirmed that Blackpink’s Jennie did not break any quarantine rules
  • Jeeyoung Shin
  • 2021.04.23 14:05
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[MHN Jeeyoung Shin reporter] Paju City has confirmed the issue of their investigation into Blackpink Jennie that the singer did not break any quarantine rules.

Source: Jennie’s Official Instagram
Source: Jennie’s Official Instagram

An official from Paju City Hall stated that the agency had already submitted an application and received consent from the arboretum for filming. Since the gathering was not a private or personal gathering or the individuals were wearing a mask during the filming, it has concluded that the artist no subject to a fine.

One netizen previously filed a complaint against Blackpink’s Jennie for breaking quarantine rules after seeing a post showing more than five people gathering on Jennie’s Instagram. The netizen reported Jennie for breaking the quarantine guidelines and sent in the report to the health center in Paju. The official team of the health and quarantine administration stated that they will review the case and will investigate to see if Jennie will be given a fine.

On April 15, Blackpink’s Jennie shared several photos on Instagram of a visit to an arboretum in Paju City of Gyeonggi Province. Those photos featured seven people holding ice cream which caused speculation Jennie had violated social distancing guidelines. Following the speculation, Paju City launched an investigation against the artist and concluded that she was found not guilty because her visit to the arboretum was for business. 


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