The Ark’s Euna Kim announces the marriage and retirement at the same time!
The Ark’s Euna Kim announces the marriage and retirement at the same time!
  • Jeeyoung Shin
  • 2021.05.24 18:03
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[MHN Jeeyoung Shin reporter] The Arks’ Euna Kim has announced her marriage and retirement at the same time!

Source: The Ark
Source: The Ark

On May 24th, Euna Kim posted her announcement of marriage and retirement on her Instagram. Showing her bright smile, she wrote in a caption: 

"Hello, this is Euna Kim. It's been a while since the last time I wrote like this. 
I couldn't even fathom I could write a post like this while I was in Korea. First, I'd like to thank all the people who have been supporting me from my audition program days to The Ark, Unpretty Rapstar3, and KHAN days. I was just an ordinary student who didn't even dream of becoming a singer so I learned a lot through various experiences in Korea, laughing and crying through the journey. 

I was able to go through rough times thanks to my supportive colleagues and fans. Some of you might not aware but I came back to the U.S. in the summer of 2019. Due to internal circumstances of the label, I wasn't able to promote as a member of KHAN and I needed to start fresh. I have been doing well after coming back to my usual ordinary life, thanks to my friends and family. 

Then another blessing came to me. I met someone who I can love and grow with for the rest of my life. I am just grateful to have someone, who genuinely has so much to learn from, in my humble life. There is much room for improvement but we promised each other to become a positive influence on others who are around us by showing support for each other. I think we are going to get married this year. 

I am also sorry for my fans and supporters because you won't be able to see me as an idol. I don't know when I'll sing again but I'll make sure to live my life to the fullest as a person Kim Euna as well. 

Thank you for loving and supporting a singer named Euna Kim. I'm sincerely praying for you to have every day full of blessings." 

Source: Euna Kim’s Official Instagram
Source: Euna Kim’s Official Instagram


Meanwhile, Euna Kim is a Korean American singer and rapper, where she appeared as a contestant on the South Korean survival reality shows Superstar K3, Unpretty Rapstar 3, and The Unit. 

Congratulations and best wishes to Euna Kim! 

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